Currently he's my hero/idol
  1. During my most challenging moments of life, the music and lyrics of Hamilton truly spoke to the darkest recesses of my heart.
  2. My son loves the song "Guns and Ships." He made me burn it onto a CD so that he can listen to it on repeat.
  3. What's your favorite food? Can I cook it for you?
  4. My daughters love how Peggy sings her line in the "Schuyler Sisters."
  5. Do you hear melodies first or hear lyrics?
  6. Is there an easier human emotion to express in song? Is there a more challenging one?
  7. Can I watch your creative process?
  8. Would you consider moving to the west coast?
  9. When you're working/writing, what distracts you?
  10. How do you manage a work/home life balance?
  11. What has been the most exciting moment associated with Hamilton?