Inspired by @DG
  1. Kansas:
    The time my dad threatened to put soap in my mouth when I talked back to my mom, but I cried so he didn't do it because he felt bad.
  2. Colorado:
    The time we went on a multi-family vacation, I slept in my friends' cabin one night. They were 5 or 6 and still used pacifiers. I was jealous, so I stole one and slept with it and my friend couldn't sleep all night because she couldn't find her pacifier.
  3. Arkansas:
    The time I exploring in the woods with my friend when I was 6(?) and she went back to our cabin without me, so I was just a tiny child in the woods alone and I had no idea how to get back. I ended up crying until someone found me and brought me back.
  4. Oklahoma:
    The time we got in my parents' Ford Focus right after my dad finished running a marathon and saw the birth of his "I saw Jesus at mile 19" bit.
  5. California:
    The time I saw "Hot Rod" in a movie theater with my cousin in Orange County in 6th grade and we both cried from laughing so hard.
  6. New York:
    The time we didn't know where to go for dinner on vacation so we made my dad choose and he took us into Sbarro. Worst dinner ever.
  7. Florida:
    The time I got sick on the Spider-Man ride at Universal Studios after waiting in line for over an hour and couldn't ride anymore rides the rest of the day.
  8. Iowa:
    The time I met a camp friend at some diner in Iowa City and I had cinnamon roll French toast for the first time. Haven't looked back since.
  9. Virginia:
    The time my grandpa went in the ocean at the beach and got sucked in by a riptide and we had to get a surfer to go save him.
  10. Alabama:
    The time I went on a high school mission trip and a guy who had graduated from our school went to Alabama to play basketball so we all got tickets to a game one night and I kept screaming "Roll Tide!" for the entire game.
  11. Missouri:
    The time I made a "your mom" joke at a boy I just met at a high school party, only to find out that his mom had passed away like 3 months earlier.
  12. Illinois:
    The time I bought a bike during the last week of the summer after my second year of college and the tire blew out half a mile away from where I bought it.