1. Today I was leaving a meeting, on my way to a friend's house. My friend lives in Wrigleyville and my meeting was in East Lakeview. To get from one place to the other, I had to pass through Boystown.
    Boystown is Chicago's predominant gay neighborhood. It's where Pride is held every year. It's where I lived up until a month ago.
  2. As I was walking, I came upon a memorial on the corner of Halsted and Roscoe, outside my favorite 7-11.
  3. There were flowers, poems, Pride flags, pictures, candles, letters, and Lin-Manuel Miranda quotes.
  4. It was so moving and beautiful.
  5. I was on the phone when I saw it and had to hang up because I immediately started crying.
  6. Can I remind you that this was the biggest mass casualty in America since 9/11?
  7. And so many people seem to not care.
    It's devastating to me. This shattered my world. Sunday was one of the most emotionally difficult days for me. Yesterday was really tough, too.
  8. I didn't realize that people weren't caring because I have unfriended anyone I didn't agree with on Facebook. I don't follow any Twitter accounts that I don't agree with, either. I purposely shelter myself.
  9. Then, one of my friends pointed out that the only people he had seen saying anything about Orlando were queer people. He wasn't seeing any straight allies showing support.
  10. And I realized that he was right, for the most part. People aren't taking note of this as much as they should be. FORTY NINE PEOPLE WERE MURDERED BY ONE PERSON. THAT IS A LOT AND YOU SHOULD BE UPSET ABOUT IT.
  11. I was six years old when 9/11 happened, so I didn't understand it. Now I'm 21 and I understand that my friend Annie or George or Kathleen or Molly or Dan or Brad or Jamie or Chase could have been one of the people in that nightclub. Pulse could have been Roscoe's or Berlin or Sidetracks of The Closet or Progression or Seven or Manhole.
    I could have been in that club. I am of legal drinking age. I go to gay bars. I stay out until 2am.
  12. This is terrifying to me. And it's so disappointing that people moved on so quickly. I do not mean to downplay or ignore the incredible showings of love and support and solidarity by so many people all over the world. I just wish there were more.
  13. I wish we didn't have to settle for a street corner memorial. It's beautiful and moving and heartbreaking, but those victims deserve a million street corners.
  14. I was lucky enough to be able to go to my friend's house and find love there. We talked about the memorial and the tragedy and our identical opinions on gun control. We talked about other things, too. But I'm just afraid that not enough people are talking about it like we did.
  15. It was the worst mass murder since 9/11. Just a reminder.
  16. Write to your representatives. Save lives.