My own journey
  1. I am very extroverted. I crave the company of other people.
    I used to wake up in the middle of the night if my ex and I weren't touching in some way in bed. I'm apparently even extroverted in my sleep.
  2. I have little to no anxiety in front of crowds.
    I used to have the most anxiety when I was by myself.
  3. I'm actively trying to change.
  4. I used to work at 7am, but I would still go out until 1am because I didn't want to miss out on whatever my friends were doing.
    No more!
  5. The past two Fridays, I've stayed home. I make dinner, watch a movie, and go to bed early.
    It was really hard. Both nights people called me and tried to get me to go out with them. But I didn't.
  6. When I do end up home alone, I do fun things.
    Instead of sitting around and thinking about how lonely I am, I'll rent a happy movie or I'll paint or I'll bake something. Then it's fun to be alone.
  7. Last night, my friend wanted me to visit him at the ice cream shop where he works. No one was available to go with me, so I went alone.
    It was fun! I got to say hi to my friend and I got some really great ice cream! I ate it alone at a table and listened to music.
  8. After class, my friends usually go get food and then do homework together. I go to the library by myself because I know I won't actually get any work done around all my friends.
    I never have homework to do at home now, so my time at home is always fun.
  9. Basically, it's still tough to be alone.
    I feel lonely a lot.
  10. But it's a work in progress.
    Now I'm forcing myself to rely on myself for happiness instead of relying on the people around me.
  11. I feel a lot healthier, mentally.
  12. I think it's important to be alone.
    If you're around the same friends all the time, won't you get sick of them?
  13. Anyway, I guess I made this list to remind myself why it's nice to be alone. I've seen a lot of great movies lately. I'm happy.