Inspired by @justjills
  1. Omg so hard recess is the most difficult subject
  2. Jk
  3. It's honestly the best job ever, but wildly challenging.
  4. I have worked at public schools doing lunch/recess monitoring, as well as Before & After School care all over Chicago's north side.
    Basically, when the teachers aren't working, I am.
  5. I work every morning at the most well-funded, well-educated, well-staffed elementary school in CPS. It's located in Gold Coast, which Chicagoans will understand.
    There are five kindergarten classes. Five. The school only goes up to 5th grade, and after that the kids move on to the "West Campus" for middle school. It's such a nice school. A lot of the kids are great. Some of them are spoiled brats. 80% of the kids bring their own lunch every day, even though a school lunch is free.
  6. I work three days a week for recess and After School on the west side at a school so lowly-funded that, when they found unhealthy levels of lead in their water fountains, they put "Do Not Use" signs on them instead of fixing the issue.
    There are two classes for each grade, and most of them have 30+ students. 95% of the kids take advantage of the [nasty] free breakfast and lunch provided by the school. The little kids are great. The middle schoolers get in fights so often that the principal has started to help monitor recess in an effort to quell the hostility. It hasn't really worked.
  7. It's exhausting but I love it so much. It seems like every time I get frustrated with something my boss does, a kid does something so incredible that it doesn't even matter.
  8. I get to play every day as a job. Yesterday I spent 20 minutes chasing a kid around the playground and we had to stop halfway through because we were both laughing so hard.
  9. I could probably write an entire book of insane things kids say to me. They make me laugh every day.
  10. But also today the kids were the worst so I'm so heckin ready for the school year to be over.
    Two more days. Two. More. Days.