1. Buying alcohol for yourself and one other friend, but other people keep taking some.
  2. Having two research papers due on the same day.
  3. Getting sleepy at someone's house but wanting to stay awake for fear of FOMO.
  4. Not knowing if this boy really only wants to be friends or if he's still flirting with you.
    This one I think isn't exclusive to college?
  5. The hassle of getting your parents to cosign your lease when you live out of state.
  6. All of your friends are way too passionate about politics.
  7. Finding new drug dealers.
    I think I just assume that once you're an adult, you'll just have one weed dealer forever.
  8. Working
    It's exciting to only have class Monday-Wednesday, but then I realize that I work all day Thursday and Friday :(
  9. Money???
    How do I get some???