Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Front door key - pink
  2. Apartment door knob key - silver
  3. Apartment middle bolt key - orange
  4. Apartment top bolt key - gold
  5. I'll also include my various key chains:
  6. Card holder
    Lil plastic thing holds my student ID and my ventra (bus & train pass)
  7. Pink friendship bracelet
    Courtesy of my roommate
  8. Beaded friendship bracelet
    I made this for myself.
  9. String doll Dorothy
    From ten thousand villages
  10. Puzzle piece
    Which completes the phrase "You're my person". My best friend in Paris has the other piece.
  11. Outline of the state of Kansas which reads "Follow the yellow brick road"
  12. My MyPanera card
  13. My gym keycard
  14. A Sports Authority League discount card.