My mom has a list app account purely so she can read my lists. Seriously look at @annvan's favorites. It's 95% me. She's the best.
  1. I already made a list on how to be the best stay at home parent, because my mom was the best stay at home mom.
  2. And I made a list shouting out to moms
  3. But here are some other dope things she did:
  4. Taught me how to swim
    WHY YALL SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY ON SWIM LESSONS? My mom saved so much money by throwing me in the pool and making me figure it out.
  5. Didn't go to my volleyball games
    Because I asked her not to. I felt bad when my parents saw how bad I was at it, so I told them not to come and they listened to me. Very kind.
  6. Let me be best friends with my grandma
    Even though she doesn't like me grandma! My mom is very good about not letting her personal feelings affect the relationships I've had with other people.
  7. Hid notes all over my freshman dorm with tiny happy notes
    I found them sporadically throughout the year. I still have them all in a drawer in my apartment.
  8. Always made three homemade desserts for my birthday every year
    One to blow out candles after dinner on my birthday, one to bring to school, one for the birthday dinner that we invited my extended family to.
  9. Shared food with me
    The cutest thing we've ever done was share almost every single meal we had when we were together during this last spring break.
  10. Made my lunches all throughout high school
    She still makes lunch for my dad every day. He is a grown ass man.
  11. Taught me how to drive
    My dad likes to take credit for this??? Idk why?? He drove with me maybe 2 or 3 times but he gave me so much anxiety and we couldn't handle each other, so my mom took over. To clarify: she is not a good driver. But somehow, I ended up being a great driver?
  12. Called me out of school a lot during my senior year
    I hated high school. If I got home late one night, I'd ask her to call me out of school the next day. If I really didn't want to go, I'd tell her I didn't feel good and she'd call me out. She hated doing it, but she loved me, so she did it!
  13. Talked me down from two panic attacks in the last week and a half
    She's very good at it.
  14. Hugged me and read me a book after I sat in the hallway all night waiting for her to come home
    I was 10 and my grandpa had just died maybe a week before. My cousin sent me this book called "Tear Soup" and I wanted my mom to read it to me so I sat in the hallway because I was too scared to go to bed without saying goodnight to her. I think her heart must have completely shattered when she saw me sitting there waiting for her but she handled it like a pro and put me to bed. I think it's my favorite memory of her.
  15. Waited until I was in college to be my best friend
    She was never one of those cool moms who just wanted to be friends with her kids when I was growing up, but now she is! We are actual best friends and we tell each other [almost] everything. I call her every single day and I think she's much more fun than my other best friends.