Two weeks ago, I had my hair colored for the first time ever. It turned out amazing and I love it. "Fashion colors", i.e. anything that isn't natural-looking, never lasts more than three weeks. I decided to re-do my pink tips on my own on a Friday night.
  1. Before
  2. After
  3. It's not perfect!
  4. At all!
  5. But it still looks good!
  6. And I'm proud of myself!
    I didn't freak out or lose my cool when I started to think that I might have messed up. I just kept going because I knew it couldn't be undone, so why worry? Now it'll only get better. This will fade and I'll learn from my mistakes and get closer to what the colorist did in the first place.
  7. I asked one of my friends to help me, but she was busy tonight.
    And I didn't give up and wait. I wanted my pink hair back, so I got it! Did I mention I'm proud of myself?
  8. I'm getting a bit preachy and I'm only talking about my hair color.
    But I'm just happy that I didn't totally ruin it.