Obviously I've been missing my parents a lot lately. I am aware of how many times they've been popping up in my lists. But tonight is different.
  1. Someday I'll make a list of my parents' love story. It's like straight out of a movie. But some other time.
  2. When my parents were first married and super poor, they would each buy one movie ticket on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and then sneak into other movies all day and night.
    They love movies so much.
  3. They couldn't afford to go on dates often, so Oscar night was a special night. They always made sure to see all the nominated films before the awards show. They would go out for an early dinner to a nice restaurant as a pre-show treat. Then they would sit down at home and watch the Oscars.
    Sometimes they did ballots to see which one of them would win. Sometimes they didn't. But they always saw the movies and they always went out to dinner and they always watched together.
  4. As I got older, I was allowed to be included in the tradition.
    I saw as many of the movies as I was allowed. I went to dinner with them. I watched the show, too. I even got to stay up past my bed time to see the whole thing. It was always a special night.
  5. It's a little thing.
  6. I talked to my mom this morning and she's so excited for her Oscars date tonight. My dad can never sit through an entire tv show anymore, but he'll sit through the Academy Awards with my mom. ❤️
    Tonight, I miss my mom and dad.