1. The kids' dad was home when I got there.
  2. He said "oh who's this?"
    As if he didn't know his regular babysitter was coming that day.
  3. I said hello.
  4. And he, in turn, said "Um, very *interesting* hair."
    I said, "um, thanks? I think?"
  5. He asked if my hair was "for a special occasion"
    I said no, it was just a look I liked.
  6. Later, when he got back home, the first thing he said after he walked in the door was "Oof, it's gonna take me awhile to get used to the pink hair."
    I just did an awkward laugh in response. I *wish* I would have said, "It's not your job to get used to it."
  8. I'm babysitting again today.
  9. Wish me luck!
    Send good vibes so I don't say mean things to him!
  10. UPDATE:
  11. Both parents were home when I got here today.
  12. Mom was trying to leave. She yelled up the stairs for me to ask if Dad was coming down yet. She needed him to move his car. I yelled down that he wasn't down yet.
  13. Just then, he starts stomping down the stairs saying, "I said I would be down in a second." In maybe the snottiest, most teenage-girl voice I've ever heard?
  14. I can't handle this guy! He's mean to his wife in front of his kids! I'm not cool with this!