From Chicago to Kansas City. Is it considered a live list if I wrote the whole thing before I posted it? Whatever. Like & relist this so I pull off the upset of the year and win march madness! @aus10
  1. Except this isn't the route we're taking. I-55 to I-80 to I-35, because my mom hates tolls.
  2. 2:45pm, Friday, March 18
    We are on our way! I'm driving at least this first part because my mom is terrified of driving in Chicago. We are going sans-gps because we don't have a gps! And my mom knows how to get home from my apartment! That's pretty crazy.
  3. Lake Shore Drive in Chicago is one of my favorite places on earth because it provides the most beautiful views ever. And this is my first time ever driving myself on this road. It's blissful.
    I think if I had my own car, I would always ride around on Lake Shore Drive because it makes me so happy to see Navy Pier and the entire city skyline and the lake all in one drive. Every time I'm on LSD, I fall in love with the city all over again.
  4. 4:30 pm, THE SKY IS VERY COOL
    This photo really doesn't do it justice, but I promise it was so pretty. The clouds were bonkers cool. Maybe the ground in the Midwest isn't super pretty (no mountains, no greenery unless it's summertime, just a lot of farms...), but the sky is gorgeous. It was also a nice view during some nutso bumper to bumper traffic.
  5. 5:00 pm, I told my mom to take "a cool, badass picture of me from the side"
    But lol my natural posture is too good for me to be a badass?? Like I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I have incredible posture here. I wasn't even trying to sit up straight. That's just how I naturally sat.
  6. 6:45 pm
    We arrive at a Holiday Inn Express in Le Claire, Iowa. It took us about 4 hours to get here, but it takes 2.5 hours in no traffic. We could have left Chicago on Saturday morning and driven the whole way easily, but like why not take our time?? This hotel room is 👏🏼free👏🏼as👏🏼hell because my dad reserved it using 🙌🏻rewards points🙌🏻
  7. 👆🏻👆🏻also our hotel room has a very cute view of the Mississippi River if you couldn't tell!!
  8. 7:15 am, Saturday, March 19
    We wake up, get ready, and head downstairs for the BEST👏🏼CONTINENTAL👏🏼BREAKFAST👏🏼YOU WILL EVER 👏🏼HAVE👏🏼.
  9. Here's a small breakdown of why Holiday Inn Express has the best hotel breakfast of all time:
    It's free, they have: scrambled eggs, two types of breakfast meat, biscuits, gravy, toast options, English muffins, bagel options, fruit options, cereal options, oatmeal options, hard boiled eggs, milk options, juice options, tea, coffee,fresh ass cinnamon rolls, and one of those machines that makes individual fresh pancakes. 🙏🏼BLESS UP🙏🏼
  10. I was honestly a little sad to leave the hotel. I highly recommend Holiday Inn Expresses.
  11. 8:30am
    Before we leave LeClaire, Iowa, we have to check out one of their best tourist attractions: Freedom Rock. It's part of a series of painted rocks which honor war vets. So cute, so quaint. I got my picture taken next to it.
  12. Please note: same hair from yesterday, Chiefs zubaz pants, clashy jacket from yesterday. Killing the fashion game today.
  13. 8:40am
    We are off! I'm driving again because I can!
  14. 1:20pm
    We pull off into Bethany, Missouri for lunch after passing three exits which each boasted only a subway as their restaurant options. We both hate subway. Bethany comes in clutch with a KFC.
  15. 1:45pm
    Mom's taking the wheel for the last hour and a half. Side note: she French braided her own hair this morning so we would be matching. Very cute and fun.
  16. Look! There's a tiny little Kansas City skyline! We are so close!
  17. 3:00 pm
    We made it! My mom is a terrifying driver, but we made it!
  18. Hope you enjoyed my roadtrip!