Hi, Hey There, Hello by The Mowgli's (yes, they have addressed the misplaced apostrophe. They think it's funny. I do not. Still a good band tho.)
  1. Oh, my blood may run red, but the thoughts in my head, they are blue, they are purple, they are gold.
  2. And there may come a day where my hair, it turns gray, but my soul, oh my soul will never grow old.
  3. See, I'm not skin and bones. I am sunshine and snow.
  4. I'm this ever-changing earth that we know.
  5. I'll melt into a stream, I will glisten and gleam. I'll float on but I'll never grow old.
  6. I'll float on but I'll never grow old.
  7. (That's just a tiny bit of it!)
  8. (That's so dang beautiful!)
  9. (Music is so freakin' cool!)