Someone did a list like this, but as a timeline and I tried to do one but I have a really hard time distinguishing how old I am in certain memories so I'm just listing the things that influenced me most.❤️
  1. The first joke I remember telling:
    To my dad: So there was this guy. He went to the mall. On a weekend. It was a guy! At the mall! On a weekend! Ha!
  2. The first SNL sketch I remember seeing:
    Will Ferrell shouting, "Get off the shed!" My babysitter let me watch it.
  3. My favorite SNL sketch:
    Eddie Murphy's Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood. I have distinct memories of my mom doing a spot-on Eddie Murphy impression saying "scumbucket".
  4. The first YouTube video I remember searching:
    Lazy Sunday by The Lonely Island, though this was before I knew about The Lonely Island.
  5. My favorite YouTube channel:
    Kyle Mooney. I cry laughing every time. He kills me.
  6. The first sitcom I remember watching:
    Everybody Loves Raymond. I think I've seen every episode except for the finale. I also watched a lot of Will & Grace and Friends when they aired.
  7. My favorite sitcom:
    Currently airing: Last Man on Earth/Jane the Virgin (not a half hour sitcom, but it's funny as hell. It's new and exciting.). Of all time: The Office (duh)
  8. The first standup special I remember watching:
    Dane Cook's Rough Around the Edges special. Yeah I'm bummed about it, too.
  9. My favorite standup special:
    John Mulaney's The Comeback Kid. I could direct this one for hours.
  10. First venture into late-night television:
    I saw Ed Helms' ball sac cam piece on The Daily Show as it aired. I didn't get it at all, but I've still never seen my parents laugh so hard.
  11. My favorite late night show:
    The Late Show! Stephen Colbert is doing some incredible things right now and I hope everyone is paying attention.
  12. First time I knew I was funny:
    I used to do a bit for my dad where I spoke with a Jersey accent, and he told me to do it for my babysitter and her friends and they all laughed. It felt great.
  13. Hardest I've ever laughed at a television show:
    "Stress Relief" ep of The Office. I watched with my whole family as it aired after the Super Bowl. It's the only single episode of television that I own on iTunes. I watch it almost every time if fly between Chicago and Kansas City.
  14. Comedy and crying, a love story:
    My ideal kind of comedy is the kind that makes you cry. Prime examples are the film, Obvious Child, the episode of New Girl when they go to Chicago for Nick's dad's funeral, the episode of How I Met Your Mother when Marshall's dad dies, among others. These are some of my all time favorite things simply because they made me cry.
  15. How I became a comedian:
    Summer after my freshman year of high school, I went to NIU theater camp. The theme was mystery & thriller. I auditioned for the scariest play, determined to finally be taken seriously as a stage actress. I got the only comedic role in the entire play. From there on out, it was pretty much comedy and nothing else.
  16. Coolest comedy I've learned about in the last two years:
    The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Truly one of the most influential shows of all time. They were cancelled mid season because of censor battles. They brought previously blacklisted Pete Seeger on to sing anti war songs. They popularized modern satire. Such cool guys.
  17. Best places to see live comedy in Chicago (this is very niche, I know. Sorry):
    The Ice Cream Joint (message for the scoop), The Shithole (message for details), iO, Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind at the Neo-Futarium (not exclusively comedy. Lots of very serious stuff), the current mainstage show at Second City.
  18. Wow! I love comedy! This honestly barely even touches on my comedy love.