1. Tbh, Father's Day is dumb. Like, I didn't even see my dad yesterday because we live in different states. He didn't get a gift from me because I'm going home next weekend and I didn't want to pay for shipping if I can give it to him a week late.
    He spent the whole day watching baseball. I'm glad I wasn't with him. I would have been bored.
  2. But it's the days that aren't Father's Day where he does cool stuff.
  3. The days where he spends a couple hours making a music video with me.
  4. They days where he sends my friends letters on his personal stationary asking them for their autograph because he was awed by their talent onstage.
  5. The days where he lets me boss him around so we can learn a dance together to perform at my cousin's wedding, but then has to stop because he gets a cramp in his foot.
  6. The days where he takes my friends out to dinner and asks them questions that make them feel important.
  7. The days when he takes your brother to a World Series game.
    (I guess not every cool dad thing is about me)
  8. The days where he travels all the way up to Chicago to stay for 24 hours to see me perform for 5 minutes.
  9. The days when he buys you a jacket at a Chiefs game because the coat you brought was too heavy.
  10. The days when he buys you tickets to see Clay Aiken in concert.
    This was like 12 years ago and still one of the coolest things ever.
  11. Those days are Father's Day. Those are the days where he deserves an Instagram post or a Facebook shoutout or a list made or a tie or a letter.