My Day So Far, in Order

  1. 9am: woke up from a dream where I gave birth to twin girls and we named them Elsa and Anna (Jane the Virgin is infiltrating my subconscious)
  2. 9-10am: laid in bed, checking social media & reviewing this month's Birchbox.
  3. 10-11am: FaceTimed my parents.
  4. 11am-12pm: laid in bed, bought a movie ticket.
  5. 12pm: went to take a shower; shower was gross. Cleaned the shower.
  6. 12:30: went to the grocery store across the street to buy some Draino
  7. 1:15: got on the bus
  8. 1:40: bought a Diet Coke and a box of Buncha Crunch at Walgreens
  9. 1:45-3:45: saw "Hail, Caesar!" in a theater with reclining seats!