Inspired by @ListPrompts a few days late
  1. My best friend in high school was a boy named Zach
  2. His parents bid on two tickets to Madonna's MDNA tour at a charity auction
    They won and Zach asked me to go with him
  3. Zach is also a fashion designer and has been since he was very young.
    So he made us custom costumes for the concert. He wore a cone bra while I wore a replica of the white dress from the "Like A Virgin" music video.
  4. I should clarify, we were 16 and 17 years old. This was probably inappropriate but we didn't care.
  5. We arrived at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, where everyone wanted to take our photo.
    A woman from Madonna's "team" liked our outfits so much that she gave us wristbands that would allow us into the pit.
  6. We were front row.
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  7. The second to last song was "Like A Prayer".
    My all-time favorite song, even before this night.
  8. Madonna came out with a gospel choir.
    I was going insane. I love a good gospel choir.
  9. She comes around to the side of the stage at which I stand. She sees me freaking out and singing every word.
  10. Madonna points to ME and walks over to me.
    She bends down and holds out the microphone for me to sing into. I sing. She sings with me. She pulls away and begins to stand up, but I'm NOT DONE. Madge holds the pic out for us to sing the verse together. I'm singing my heart out and I don't care if it sounds good or not. After the verse, she stands again and walks away to finish the song.
  11. I burst into tears.
  12. After the show, at least ten different people tell me they saw me on the jumbotrons. They say they loved my singing & my outfit.
  13. I was famous among Kansas City Madonna fans for the night.