And how I'm doing so far! I forgot to post this on the first of the month!
  1. Make a list every day on the list app!
    Doing very well here, I think!
  2. Exercise, but don't feel guilty when you don't.
    Honestly I forgot about the guilt caveat here. I had just been concentrating on exercising every day, so I guess that was good. I find that it's hard to not feel guilty because I've been doing more yoga as exercise and when I do it, I'm in a much better mood all day than when I don't do it. So if I'm in a bad mood, I'm going to feel guilty about it. Oops.
  3. Drink three 750 mL water bottles every day
    I wasn't doing great with this one, so I set additional reminders on my phone. So I get a notification at 11am telling me that I should have had one water bottle, and another notification at 2:30pm telling me that I should have had another. It's helped a lot.
  4. Meditated for 10-15 minutes a day
    I was doing to worst with this one, so I set three reminders on my phone throughout the day. I also changed my phone background to a sweet pair of pink and purple Nikes that I promised myself I could only buy if I meditated 30 days in a row. It worked for every day over spring break, but I just broke a 7-day streak the other day and I'm pretty bummed about it.
  5. Brush my teeth every night
    Eh. I'm a mess some nights.
  6. Find 5 things to be grateful for every day
    I usually end up doing this one right before bed, as I'm checking off which things I have and haven't done that day. It's such a positive way to end my day.
  7. Tidy the house everyday
    Pretty solid on this one.
  8. Eat out less
    God help me.