My Second Favorite Chain Restaurants (#6-10)

Thank you endlessly for the request, @bjnovak! I love food so much!!
  1. (6) Chilli's
    2 for $20??? An appetizer and two entrees for only $20??? Incredible deal. I have to trek down near the Mag Mile for this one, but it's WORTH IT for those unlimited refills in those plastic beer mugs.
  2. (7) Sonic
    When my roommate and I were looking for apartments two years ago, we stumbled upon a brand new Sonic, which was fun because it is the only one in Chicago. Honestly can't pick a favorite food item, but hmu with that route 44 Diet Coke with lemon and I'm yours.
  3. (8) Krispy Kreme
    I received a bit of flack for my hate on DD, but I promise it's only about the donuts. I appreciate DD coffee and whatnot, but it's not a coffee shop. It's a donut shop. Dunkin does not give out free donuts when the "hot and ready" sign is lit up. Dunkin doesn't have a big window where you can watch the donuts being made because DUNKIN DOESNT MAKE THEIR DONUTS FRESH OR IN HOUSE. KRISPY KREME FOREVER!!!
  4. (9) Chick Fil A
    I know, I know, they are a very problematic corporation but y'all still supporting Woody Allen so I'll keep eatin Chick Fil A because no one else has discovered how to make nuggets and waffle fries as good as these folks.
  5. (10) Potbelly
    Have these spread outside the Midwest yet? They should. Aside from being monumentally better than Quizno's, Potbelly does breakfast. And let me tell you what: you can get a toasted bagel with cream cheese and a coffee for under $3. For real??? What a great place that exists in this beautiful country.