I love chain restaurants so much!!
  1. Olive Garden
    Unlimited salad AND breadsticks??? Are you kidding me??? What kind of heaven on earth is this?? I can't believe it's legal for this restaurant to exist. It seems too good to be true. My mom sends me Olive Garden coupons in the mail every month. There's only one OG in Chicago and it takes 30 minutes to get there but it's WORTH IT.
  2. McDonald's
    I order McDonald's on Postmates ~once a week. It's completely worth the 4.99 to not have to go out in the cold and eat in McDonald's alone. My go to order is a McChicken, fries, and a Diet Coke.
  3. Panera
    There's a Panera on my campus and it's so hard to not go there every day for lunch. I could eat little sections of that French baguette forever.
  4. Starbucks
    Does this count as a restaurant? Venti black iced tea, unsweetened, with a cranberry orange scone pls.
  5. Taco Bell
    100% unashamed to love this garbage food.