For anyone struggling with waiting to hear from that boy you gave your number to last night
  1. He's dead
  2. He's at work, where his boss has a strict no-phones policy
  3. He's on an airplane
    To visit his mother for Mother's Day. He's sweet! You picked a good one!
  4. His parents took him off the family plan finally
  5. He was actually a ghost and not a real person
    Sent to teach you a lesson. Did you learn anything???
  6. He's taking care of his gravely ill grandmother
    So kind.
  7. He is laser focused on buying a new summer wardrobe and he doesn't have time to text right now!!
  8. He's asleep
  9. He caught pneumonia on the walk home last night and is in the hospital
  10. He's on a road trip and is being good about not texting and driving
  11. He's volunteering at a food kitchen
  12. He's married
  13. He got mugged on the way home last night and they stole his phone
  14. His son dropped his phone in the toilet
    Be honest: do u rlly want a guy with a kid? Prolly not.
  15. He was watching the season 5 finale of "Grey's Anatomy" and his eyes are too filled with tears to look at his phone
  16. His sister is in town and he doesn't want to make plans with you while she's still here
    A family man. So good.
  17. He's too busy kissing hundreds of other women
    And they're all prettier than you.