Been a minute, huh? The only thing that could bring me back is my undying love of capitalism. Here is my newest batch of recommendations.
  1. Aleve Tens
    I fell yesterday and hurt my back pretty bad. I bought this and it is saving my life. Greatest invention of our time.
  2. Avocados
    I will keep buying 5 avocados every week, no matter how high the price gets. The most versatile lunch component.
  3. Adidas Slides
  4. Teva Boots
    Oh these stylish ankle booties? Yeah, they're Tevas. I can proudly wear Tevas year round now.
  5. Casio Watch
    I never take this off. It is fused to my body at this point, probably.
  6. Reusable K-cup
    I started nannying for a family with a Keurig. After months of buying a new box of k cups every week, I bought one of these bad boys for $5. It is the best $5 I have ever spent.
  7. iPhone Upgrade Plan
    Did you know that you can buy an unlocked iPhone from the Apple Store and pay for it in monthly installments instead of going through your carrier? And after 12 payments, you can upgrade to the newest phone? Or if you wait until after 24 payments, you own the phone outright AND you can upgrade? Incredible. Sprint sucks, Apple Store forever.
  8. Gym with amenities
    Apparently there are gyms out there with showers? And saunas? And steam rooms? And jacuzzis? And cafes? And tennis courts? And basketball courts? And multiple pools? And rooftop restaurants? Wow. Worth the extra cash for sure.
  9. Delivery Fees
    Sometimes it's going to cost $6 extra to get Taco Bell delivered to your house. And that's before the $5 tip and not including the $2 service fee. But you know what's worth it? You are.