Screenshot Cleanse

  1. My mom had something to let me know this morning.
  2. Shoes that are my current phone wallpaper.
  3. I loved this
  4. Saw this snap story while I was playing and USED IT
  5. I loved this
  6. Still laugh every time I see this
  7. I screenshot my own tweet? It's real angsty. I don't even knkw
  8. Drunk & lovin it
  9. Modern romance
  10. My friend had written a sketch using this same joke a month earlier and I wanted to show him this
  11. Snapchat from my 21st birthday
  12. My friend Jon and I screenshot anytime to some guy we know follows either of us on Instagram, because it happens every couple of weeks or so
  13. From my best friend.
  14. I loved this
  15. My spring schedule
  16. Wanted to show this to a boy I was seeing who made this same joke a bit earlier
  17. When you wake up and see how sloppy you were...
  18. I loved this
  19. Tbt
  20. Combined my two favorite things: barbecue and the royals.
  21. Ideal man
  22. Apparently needed to confess this to someone
  23. My first tweet from a verified account!! Wow!! Look at that old OS! How have a kept a screenshot for that long?
  24. I loved this