1. For making so many meals!
    Dang I make so many meals now that my mom isn't there all the time to make them for me!
  2. For buying groceries!
    Dang! Grocery shopping was so much more fun as a child sitting in the cart than it is as an adult pushing the cart!
  3. For making sure you don't die!
    Doctors! Dentists! General healthcare!
  4. For driving!
    They take kids so many places!
  5. For loving their kids!
    My mom loved me immediately! I'm not that easy to love!
  6. For potty training!
    Gross dude!
  7. For cleaning up our blood and vomit!
    Again, gross dude!
  8. For giving birth!
    Mega gross!
  9. For calling your nail salon while you're at work to make an appointment for you because you forgot to make one, thusly insuring that you get the pedicure you so desperately need after a long day of chaperoning kids at the Field Museum!
    This one is probably just me!