Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. American Idol
    I stopped watching after season 9 but I pretend to know everything about it.
  2. Gender Norms & Issues
    I do my research on this, actually. I am a wacky social liberal and I love defending all people but sometimes I get my words mixed up.
  3. Baseball
    I love baseball. I love the Royals. I still find myself being confused at games though.
  4. Fashion
    My best friend is a fashion designer so I think I know everything about fashion. But every once in awhile, I find myself not minding when people have brown and black together.
  5. Judy Garland
    This one hurts to admit. I read a 450 pg biography on 8th grade. I watched her entire 8th grade. And my memory isn't the greatest, so 8 years later I find that I've forgotten a lot.
  6. Musicals
    I'm a theater kid constantly surrounded by theater kids. I pretend to know all about everything they're talking about, but I only know about the musicals I've been in or seen (which isn't a ton).
  7. Grey's Anatomy
    Much like a combination of Judy Garland and American Idol: I've seen every episode up until this season, but I've forgotten a lot. It started like 11 years ago! I can't remember all of that!
  8. Madonna
    I know A LOT about Madonna, but I wasn't born until 1994 so I can't claim to know everything because I wasn't born when she was doing so much!
  9. Chicago
    I live here, but I'm that awful person who has never been south of Chinatown, west of wicker park, or north of Loyola.
  10. Politics