Inspired by @joshelman, I should clarify that I was 11 years old ten years atm 📁🌷
  1. Strangers coming into my house and kidnapping me
    I still *care* about this, but I worry about it significantly less.
  2. College basketball
    Namely, I cared that it was ruining my life by taking my family away from me for an entire month. I hated sports.
  3. Volleyball
    I only played volleyball for one season, and that season was 10 years ago exactly.
  4. Country music
    Everyone had this phase, right?
  5. My crush NEVER finding out that I had a crush on them
    Now I beg people to subtly drop hints for me
  6. Avril Lavigne
  7. New York City
    I was fascinated by NY and now I'm like, eh.
  8. Never doing drugs or drinking ever!!