Things That Calm ME Down When I Feel a Panic Attack Coming

Maybe these aren't the best things to do, but they help me and maybe they could help other people? These are also in no particular order.
  1. Put my phone on "Do Not Disturb" mode.
    This mutes any notifications so if you're having a text conversation that's making you anxious, you don't have to continue having that conversation. You also should feel pressure to continue the conversation if it's making you anxious. Just stop responding for your own sake. You don't owe anyone anything.
  2. Count my breaths.
  3. Call my mom.
  4. Turn on a guided meditation.
  5. Smoke a tiny bit of weed.
  6. Take a lorazepam.
    They don't always work, but sometimes they do.
  7. Hug a stuffed animal.
    I sleep with a Cowardly Lion stuffed animal if I'm feeling anxious before bed. I'm not ashamed to be an adult that still sleeps with a stuffed animal because it genuinely helps me a lot. Touching something soft calms me.
  8. Pray
    In this order: Guardian Angel Prayer, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Repeat as necessary.
  9. Go for a walk by the lake and listen to Abba.
    This one isn't for everyone, since not everyone lives five minutes from Lake Michigan. But the ABBA GOLD album is happy and it makes me think of being a happy kid so it calms me.
  10. Shop
    This is usually for after I know I've avoided a panic attack, but I'm still feeling anxious.
  11. Yoga