1. The grown man on the bus leafing through a My Little Pony coloring book
  2. The man who made eye contact with me at the laundromat while I threw away a pair of underwear, and then laughed at me
  3. The weird, unidentified bug I killed in my room
  4. The customer service lady at Jewel Osco who told me to "ask the guy in aisle five" for boxes, and said "if he has any, he'll give them to you."
  5. The man who told me that the women's restroom was to the left at Target when he saw that I was about to walk into the men's
    Now I'm really mad about gender.
  6. The man who sells weird magazines on the corner of my street
  7. The cashier at Target who set my change on the counter instead of into my outstretched hand.