Okay I think if I write this, it'll help me remember to do them!
  1. Wash my face before bed
  2. Make my bed
  3. Eat salads
    I'm going to make one for lunch today!!
  4. Call my grandma
    I really should make a whole list just about my grandma
  5. Yoga before bed
    This is actually homework for me that I never do 😐
  6. Bake
    I'm so good at baking! And I have like 6 brown bananas in the freezer begging to become banana bread right now!
  7. Condition my hair
    I try to only wash my hair once a week, and I hate getting it wet because I hate blow drying but I feel so clean after I condition my hair in the shower!
  8. Send cards
    I actually just did this! I sent a Valentine's Day package to my parents and my best friend (who lives in Paris!) and I sent a thank you note to my aunt after she sent me a Gap gift card.
  9. Hug
    I never hug my friends??? I don't know why??? I need to work on that