I work as a recess and after school monitor at a Chicago public elementary school
  1. Miss Emma, can I get a snack from my backpack?
    Every single day this kid asks. Even if I start nodding my head before he asks the question.
  2. Miss Emma, how did you get your hair to be like that? /OR/ Miss Emma, did you have to color your hair to make it pink like that?
  3. Miss Emma, is it indoor or outdoor recess today?
    And no matter what I answer, there will always be a kid who puts on his coat for indoor recess or a kid who tries to go to outdoor recess without a coat.
  4. Miss Emma, is there a vegetarian lunch?
  5. Miss Emma, what's your last name?
  6. Miss Emma, can we go to the bathroom?
    Why must they always go in pairs? It never ends well.
  7. Miss Emma, are you married?
  8. Miss Emma, do you have any kids?
  9. Miss, um, what's your name?
  10. Miss Emma, is Mr. Ian coming today?
    Mr. Ian is my coworker that all the girls are crushing on
  11. Miss Emma, do you know my name?
  12. Miss Emma, can we play tag?
  13. Miss Emma, will you tell _________ to stop showing me their food?