1. Oh no.
  2. Oh shit what's this guy's name again?
  3. I've had two classes with him. I should know this.
  4. He works at cars.com. How do I know that and not know his name?
  5. Please don't see me. Please don't see me. Please don't see me.
  6. He saw me.
  7. Wave back!
  8. Do I take my headphones off and talk to him?
  9. I just bought these headphones today. I want to use them. Also I can't just *stop* in the middle of the RENT soundtrack.
  10. I'll smile and wave.
  11. Oh that smile was too eager.
  12. He didn't sit by me. Thank god.
  13. But he sat across from me. That's worse.
  14. I just have to make this list. Then I look busy and I won't have to make eye contact.
  15. Yes! It's rush hour! People are standing between us! Eye contact is impossible now!
  16. Oh god I wrote that list so quickly. We only got three stops.
  17. Oh no the walk from the train to class is going to be awful.
  18. What do I do for ten more minutes?
  19. Pretend to work on my drafts?
  20. I guess.