1. When a huge group of my friends and I broke into the old iO theater building and took old drink menus as souvenirs.
  2. When four friends and I walked 6 miles round trip to go to a beach, then two of us jumped in the freezing cold water together.
  3. When I passed out at a Ben Folds concert.
  4. When I hugged my favorite teacher onstage at my college graduation.
  5. When my best friend and I rode our bikes to get nighttime donuts and then we rode around picking out our favorite fancy houses for hours.
  6. When three friends and I snuck onto a roof on the 4th of July to watch fireworks and then got kicked out.
  7. When I cut 6 inches of hair off and dyed it pink and then did a very empowering standup set about it to an audience of 4 people.
  8. When I got doored on my bike and then all my friends suddenly started wearing helmets when they biked.
  9. When I decided to be a vegetarian.
  10. When my mom and I road trip from Chicago to Kansas City.
  11. When my high school friend visited me after I went to college and we got drunk in my dorm room and put on face masks together.
  12. When my childhood friend visited me after I went to college and he kept trying to hook up with me and then we never spoke again after he left.
  13. When I fell in love with my supervisor at work and then he started dating a different coworker.
  14. When I fell in love with the man who passes me on the street every single morning during my commute.
  15. When I fell in love with my improv teacher.