Which is like the worst way to start a day.
  1. Here's how I combatted those feelings:
  2. First, I read (completely by chance!) @thelovelygirl's list: THINGS I'VE DONE TODAY TO QUELL MY ANXIETY
    Which spurred my whole "combat bad feelings" idea.
  3. I brushed my teeth and washed my face.
    To wake me up and feel fresher.
  4. I went on a long walk while I talked to my mom on the phone.
    I talked a lot. Usually with my mom, it's a very even give and take, but today I think I just needed to felt heard. And my mom was a great listener.
  5. I went to Argo Tea, ordered an iced tea and a chicken & brie sandwich.
    I sat at the bar that faces the street so I could see the sun. The gave me a red pepper & feta sandwich instead, but I didn't complain. A sandwich is a sandwich!
  6. I did a lot of homework while sitting at that bar and seeing the sun.
    Finished a psych paper, wrote my yoga journal, wrote my reading journal, started a Modern Family spec script (lol).
  7. I called my grandma.
  8. I got on a bus and went to Uniqlo.
    I got a cool Keith Haring t-shirt for $4! And a really nice coat vest for $10!! I love good deals!! It made me happy!
  9. I walked to the movie theater and bought a ticket to Hello, My Name is Doris.
    I spent way too much money on movie snacks. The movie was nice! Not what I expected, but very nice. I love anything Michael Showalter does.
  10. I called my mom again.
    She told me earlier to tell her what I thought of the movie, if I ended up seeing it, which I did. But my dad answered her phone, so I had a nice talk with him. Usually he gives the phone back to my mom once she comes in the room, but he stayed on and we talked. It was weird. I needed it, and I think he knew that. It felt good to talk to him.
  11. I cleaned my room.
  12. I cut out pictures from my issues of Vogue from 2014 and used them to make collages.
  13. I made tacos.
  14. I didn't do yoga or meditate, but I also didn't need to push myself.
  15. I feel a lot better now than I did when I woke up.