*when I move next month. Inspired by Nora Ephron's final two essays (read: lists) in her final book.
  1. The loud music that the coffee shop underneath plays every morning/The big bay windows in the living room
  2. The bathroom doorknob that falls off every day/Air conditioning
  3. Mismatched uneven flooring throughout the house/Leaving to get snacks from the 24-hour grocery store across the street in the middle of the night
  4. My terrible, awful landlord/Walking down the street to Argo Tea on Sundays to do homework
  5. The mold growing on the walls/Having a bedroom which lets in little to no light in the morning.
  6. All the rats in the trash room, which has never been cleaned/The ice maker in the freezer
  7. Drunk people falling asleep on our stoop/Being within walking distance to the lake
  8. Making eye contact with my upstairs neighbor at the grocery store and not recognizing her in time to smile or say hi/Being a 6 minute walk away from Max's house
  9. Never getting my mail delivered correctly/Living directly in front of a #36 bus stop
  10. The homeless guy outside the grocery store who calls me sweetie/All the Boystown restaurants
  11. Escalators at the train station being turned off on Cubs game days/The green walls