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    I actually have no interest in spending all of my time with someone, so he could always be gone doing football things and I wouldn't care.
  2. 2.
    I like football. A lot. But not so much that I would always talk to him about it. And I don't pretend to know how to make teams or players better, so it would just be like, "Carry on. Do your thing."
  3. 3.
    Related to but different from the previous: former cheerleader. So, win or lose, I'm on your side.
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I love binge watching pretty much any television show, but there are a few series that deserve to be watched over and over and over. So if I'm trapped on a desert island, I'd better have these in my bag.
  1. Friends
    It's quotable, relatable, and I know it so well I laugh before the jokes are made. Plus, it's in my interest to choose series that are longer, and 10 seasons provides plenty of variety.
  2. The Office
    Ditto the quotable bit, mentioned above. But The Office has the added bonus of Jim Halpert 😍, and I'm only really familiar with the first four seasons. So I've got plenty of episodes I still need to commit to memory.
  3. Veronica Mars
    Less mainstream than my other two choices, Veronica Mars is a series many people haven't seen but should. As a bonus, I have a short-term memory with tv plots so if I wait long enough between viewings, I forget who killed Lily. Plus: Jason Dohring? Don't mind if I do.