Just a few of them, written from SF.
  1. The grit
  2. The relentless optimism
  3. The way the city shuts down during a snowstorm and the dogs and kids fill the streets
  4. Fall
  5. Spring
  6. The books on stoops with "free!" signs
  7. The attitude
  8. The way people get up when they fall
  9. The cobble stones
  10. How not having a license is cool
  11. Day time dance parties between bug buildings
  12. Night time rooftop dinners
  13. Governor's island and how it feels far away
  14. Old timers in the streets talking about the way it used to be
  15. Restaurant regulars
  16. Neighborhood pride
  17. The smoked fish at you know where
  18. Thinking of a borough over as a long distance relationship
  19. Stacks of half-read New Yorkers
  20. Tiny gardens on sidewalks and massive parks in the middle of the city
  21. Hip Hop
  22. Complaining about real estate and the MTA
  23. All the different people right on top of each other
  24. How hard it is to leave, for how easy it is to go anywhere