"Paris, j'taime..." Not so much. More like, "Paris, I like you but I'm not sure I can commit to anything." There are great things and weird things about Paris and I'm gonna list 'em, dangit.
  1. Pro: The city is super pedestrian-friendly
    Overall, it's pretty easy to get around the city on foot. Sidewalks everywhere, and there's usually a metro station within walking distance of wherever you are.
  2. Con: Good luck figuring out traffic patterns
    Quick question: who has the right-of-way in Paris? The answer is no one. And everyone. But mostly buses and Vespas. God help you if you get in front of one of those.
  3. Pro: Some of the most amazing sights and landmarks in Europe
    The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the cathedral at Notre Dame, so much of Paris is absolutely GORGEOUS. It's safe to say that Paris makes for some of the best sightseeing in the whole of Europe.
  4. Con: Said landmarks are usually filled to the brim with dudes hawking "souvenirs"
    Oh man. These dudes. are. everywhere. And they're relentless. Even after telling them "no," they still hound you. Le sigh.
  5. Pro: It doesn't get dark until later
    Ready to spend the evening out? There's nothing quite like natural light to illuminate your shenanigans. Also, it means you don't feel guilty about staying out late.
  6. Con: It doesn't get dark until later
    RIP sleep schedule. When so much of Paris by night isn't visible until after 10pm, it can be hard to try and see it all and get a decent night's rest in the same vacation.
  7. Pro: The food is wonderful
    I mean, cheyeah. It's Paris, for crying out loud.
  8. Con: Everything is designed to take your money
    If you feel like you're being charged 10€ for stepping out on the street and taking a breath, you're probably in Paris. No matter what, you will never have enough money. It's a bit like Disney in that respect.
  9. Pro: Paris has fascinating people.
    It is a people-watcher's heaven. Everyone looks like they stepped out of a foreign film: standing/sitting around and waxing poetical in French while a dim scent of cigarette smoke hangs around the café table. Spontaneous busking erupts on the metro. It's the center of culture.
  10. Con: You will be the biggest foreigner. Even if you try not to be.
    Chances are, if you're American, you will look like a foreigner. You can dress like they do, research all the customs, even speak the language and you will still stick out like a sore thumb. Everyone will be cooler than you. And you'll feel awkward. It's like hipster Williamsburg thrown into a blender with some weapons-grade "irony."
  11. Pro: There are lots of things to do in the city
    See art? Take awesome photos? Get a glimpse of gorgeous architecture and scenery? Eat great food? Check to all the above.
  12. Con: Just about everything SHUTS DOWN on and around Bastille Day.
    Going somewhere on Bastille Day? NOPE! Psych. You're going to wait. And wait. And wait some more.
  13. Overall, I'd say it's a solid 8/10
    I mean, it's no dumpster fire. If London is Raiders of the Lost Ark, then Paris is Temple of Doom. Still good, but with some caveats. Some people may like it better than the previous installment, but I'm not one of them. Make of that what you will.