5 Disney Princesses I would Totally Bone

Kyle wanted this list to be Disney Princesses, but I don't care about them. So I'm doing Zeldas instead.
  1. Princess Zelda, Twilight Princess
    Yeah, she's pretty hot. 10/10
  2. Zelda, Skyward Sword
    This one's not really a princess but whatever.
  3. Princess Zelda, Hyrule Warriors
    Non-canon? Yes. Pretty? Yes!
  4. Oh wait, I thought of a Disney Princess. What's her face
    Oh crap, this was a bone list. Nonono, I'll try to think of another Zelda
  5. Princess Zelda, The Wind Waker
    Wait, WAIT. I take it back. There's another older one
  6. Princess Zelda, Ocarina of Time
    I don't really care about this one, but I'm starting to run out of Zeldas that are old enough. Wait, what about the one from A Link to the Past? Ehh, I ain't really into that. Still, 4/5 aint bad.