Me and my friends make lists of bad ideas, which are really just dumb things we say when we're bored. This one is like 2 years old.
  1. Kidnap warm people
  2. Combine DayQuil and NyQuil
  3. Texting eachother like we're terrorists
  4. Putting a party on Craigslist
  5. Hooking a baby into the matrix
  6. Working at Build-a-Bear Workshop
  7. Re-enact Zoey 101
  8. Watching a movie in random order
  9. Black market sperm bank
  10. Bad idea list
  11. Fake our deaths
  12. Get addicted to cigarettes
  13. Have bastard children
  14. DVR "South Beach Tow"
  15. Create a shitty cover band
  16. A book burning
  17. Human sacrifice to pagan god
  18. Betraying Shiva
  19. Doing it with Kyle
  20. Bring a hatchet to mission trip
  21. Host a poetry slam
  22. Own a deli