"Someone will take care of that." You are someone. You can take care of it.
  1. Drop off tissue boxes at a high school.
    You'd be surprised. Teachers go through boxes of tissues in two days. Everyone needs them. No one has them. And then people blow their noses on hard bathroom paper towels that are made out of sandpaper and then no one is happy.
  2. Start a petition to ban non-environmentally friendly products from community centers.
    Does your school district use styrofoam trays? Does your City Hall lack a recycling program? Start an online petition using Change.org (easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy) to cause change in your community.
  3. Get a plant to keep by your sink.
    I never finish water glasses or water bottles and end up dumping the excess water down the drain. Get a plant! They make good buddies.
  4. Donate blood.
    This may seem scary, but every verified blood bank has qualified nurses for the whole process! It's an easy way to check your health by getting your blood tested beforehand, AND you can save a life by donating blood. Also cosmic brownies, so..
  5. Don't throw away your junk—recycle.
    Don't throw away that broken Scentsy candle or that stained old cross country t-shirt! Clothing can be recycled to make new items! Broken electronics can be recycled for scrap pieces!
  6. Make a birthday card or two for an 'old folks' home.
    Some people don't get cards on their birthday. Change that.
  7. Try to opt for brands that are ethically responsible.
    Confirmed lists exist that show companies that test on animals. You can also pay attention for the environmental implications of packing. (Paper vs. plastic, etc) Make purchases that won't harm any living beings/outlive you in a landfill!
  8. Don't buy things with fucking microbeads.
    Everyone knows they're bad. They are nearly irreversible. Just don't do it. Find products with microbeads. For the love of all that is good and holy, don't buy products with microbeads.