"You were just so unique with all your collections!" my mother tells me to this day. Thanks, ma. ❤️
  1. Tic Tac containers
    And lifesaver containers. I mean, who could throw those away?! Little plastic containers that could hold tiny treasures. I couldn't bear to throw them in the trash, so I collected them. And put nothing in them, ever.
  2. Pebbles
    After my family moved into our new home in 1999, I quickly discovered the coolest thing ever: little divots at the end of our driveway that collected sandy dirt and tiny, colorful pebbles. My 6 year old self was PUMPED. I spent hours sitting on the warm tar at the end of our new driveway, picking out only the best of the pebbles and placing them in a tennis ball container. Mom was not thrilled with my new hobby seeing as I was sitting about a yard from oncoming traffic. Ah, the good ole days.
  3. Lip Smackers
    I would count them and organize them day after day. Eventually threw them all out cuz they melted/were actually gross.
  4. Erasers
    The cool ones that were tiny and in funky shapes, like a palm tree or a gold fish or an ice cream cone. They are still in my desk drawer at home in a box I received in 1st grade. It has the number "18" written on it in shaky 6-year-old handwriting (I was 18th in the class, alphabetically. Damn my W name.)
  5. Stamps
    My dad collected these when he was a kid, too, so he passed on the tradition to my sister and me. He had boxes of cool stamps ripped from the envelope. In order to remove the stamp from the paper, we had to soak them in a pan of hot water for about 5 minutes. Then, the stamp would peel off the paper smoothly, and we would set them to dry on towels. My kid self loved organizing the stamps into categories, like animals and trees.
  6. Stickers
    Any and all stickers that I found/received/stole from my friends, I carefully stuck onto 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper. As the sheet filled up, I would tape another piece to the end.... And another and another. Soon I had my collection of stickers on a roll of paper 6 feet long.
  7. Key chains
    Self explanatory.