5 Must-Have Chokers this season

WE WEAR GEMS (a South African jewellery store) gives you tips on what's trending in the jewellery world this season.
  1. A point pendant (preferably gemstone)
    Whilst looking absolutely gorgeous - having a gemstone pendant has healing properties and depending on its nature, it may bring love, happiness or even spiritual enlightenment.
  2. The Wrap-around choker
    Wrapping around a choker is probably the simplest and most elegant form of choker - it's easy and it looks great.
  3. The Statement choker
    Having a statement choker is a MUST! It was bring out any outfit you're wearing and glam up your look instantaneously.
  4. Something Deep
    Let's face it. You're not a sheep and you don't wanna be like everyone else wearing dull jewellery. Why not get a choker with something inspiration as a pendant. Something that will reflect your personality in a piece of jewellery.
  5. Black Lace
    Elegant, Classy, Royal. Need I say more? This choker will definitely turn some heads and the best part is - it's so light. It feels as if you have nothing on but everything at the same time.