As requested by @kelleyxbaby - I'm not thaaaat interesting so this was kinda tough. However, if this was a list about doughnuts then I could go on forever 🍩
  1. I played water polo competitively for 7 years
    Started when I was about 13, then played throughout high school, and finished up in college. For those who don't know about the sport, it's basically a combination of soccer, hockey, and a little basketball. You usually end the game with a few kicks in the balls, some elbows to the face, and probably a bloody nose. It's the best game in the world 🏊🏼
  2. I moved across the country almost two years ago from Los Angeles, California to Columbus, Ohio.
    Most ask what the hell I was thinking when I did this. I then ask: why haven't you? Yes I left the constant sunshine and easy access to the beach behind, but it was for the best. I was born and raised in Southern California and I wanted to get out once I graduated from college and experience some seasons and cheaper gas prices.
  3. I'm ambidextrous
    I might've mentioned this before, but for those who didn't know, I do all things sports-related with my left hand/arm/foot and then eat and write with my right hand. I'm kinda freaky and I like it 💃🏻
  4. I'm a huge fan of art
    One of my favorite things to do is explore museums and those that have amazing art exhibits are the best. My first tattoo I ever got is of Hokusai's 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' 🌊
  5. I prefer listening to movie scores over actual singers/bands
    I still love certain singers/bands, but if I'm listening to music it's more likely to be a soundtrack from a movie like LOTR or something profound.
  6. For some reason I'm obsessed with stats
    Whether it's sports-related or other subjects, I love analyzing them and looking at years past and how drastically things have changed or not. And I can rattle them off to people like I'm some kind of rain man.
  7. This one's kinda out there, but I've always wanted to visit a nudist colony/resort
    No, it's not so I can be that weird person who hangs out with naked people and tries to scope out anyone attractive. Okay...well...hanging out with naked people could actually be a lot of fun. But I'd be doing it for all sorts of reasons. Most importantly I'd just like to do it for a few days to see how freeing it feels and to get rid of any doubts I have about myself and my physical appearance 🙇🏼