I can share more but I'm not sure who really cares :---)
  1. I really enjoy cheap beer.
    Seriously though, I'd take an ice cold PBR over one of those hand-crafted beers any day.
  2. I'm weirdly fascinated with all things airports.
    I think it mostly comes from the fact that I used to fly across the country every year by myself from ages 7-14, but whenever I get a chance to go on a trip somewhere one of the best parts for me is being at the airport.
  3. Once I graduated from college I packed up all my shit and moved across the country.
    Call it what you will, but once I graduated from UCLA I got all my things together and drove across the country from LA to Columbus, Ohio (where I currently am). Yes it's random and yes I miss California. However, I recommend this to anyone who grew up in one place their entire young-adult life. It's invigorating, stressful, eye-opening, nerve wracking, and entirely worth it.
  4. I'm ambidextrous.
    I do all things sports-related with my left hand/arm/foot and then I write and eat with my right hand. When I was younger I liked to pretend I was part of the X-Men.
  5. I have always wanted to hug a bear.
    Brown bear, black bear, grizzly bear, panda bear, etc. Since I can remember I have always wanted to hug a bear and become best friends with it.