I work for a finance/boring company and these are some jobs I'd love to have.
  1. Pilot
    Traveling the world? Making friends at 15,000+ feet in the air? While getting paid to do it? This has been my dream job for at least a couple years now.
  2. Anthony Bourdain's assistant
    He doesn't give a shit. He eats damn good food. He travels all over the world. He spotlights cities that don't get enough attention. And that's not even everything. @Bourdain
  3. Bartender
    Think Nick Miller from New Girl, but not as paranoid and I pay my bills on time. Ideally I'd like to be one of those bartenders who somehow lives in a cool loft apartment and can afford weird things, but is still a bartender and it leaves everyone wondering how the hell I can do all that.
  4. Writer
    I'd live in Portland, Maine and have a serious fondness for whiskey at all times throughout the day bringing out the best/worst/psychedelic/freakiest part of me.
  5. There are others. Consider this just Part One.