1. Tokyo, Japan
    I'd prefer to explore the entire country, but I'll settle with Tokyo for now. I've heard the city is unlike anything you've ever experienced, and then I've also heard it's a waste of time. Regardless, I'm visiting this wonderland sometime in my life. It's a must.
  2. New Zealand
    This one might be due to my undying love for LOTR. But it's also something more than that. There's something that seems so magical about New Zealand; almost as if it's one of a few places left in the world mostly untouched by industrialism. It has an aroma of purity to it.
  3. Budapest, Hungary
    This one comes from my fascination with history. Also, Budapest is covered in beautiful buildings. I love art and architecture and I really, really want to visit this Eastern European playground.
  4. Montreal
    If I'm being honest here, I don't know much about Montreal. Except that it's supposed to be a beautiful city with a thriving culinary scene. I also want to try some amazing poutine.
  5. Yellowstone
    This place looks fucking amazing. Wild, peaceful, harsh, and natural. It doesn't bother me that tourists have died visiting this spot. Honestly that just adds more of a thrill. More importantly, it's been a childhood dream of mine to hug a bear and this is where I will accomplish just that.