Most of these are food-related. I'm sorry for what some of you are about to find out about me. Read at your own risk.
  1. Eating a whole 50-piece of McDonald's chicken nuggets in one sitting.
  2. Creating mountains of dirty clothes that rival the Swiss Alps.
  3. Spending all my money on books when I've already run out of room on my bookshelves.
  4. Eating a large pepperoni and green pepper pizza with a side of bread sticks with ease.
  5. Remembering all the little details about someone and then seeming like a creep when I joke about them or ask about them later on.
  6. Drinking cups of black coffee throughout the entirety of my day like they're water.
  7. Wanting to help out animals more than people at most times.
  8. Zoning out when someone tells me about their day cause I wish I was eating tacos instead.
  9. Hardly being able to tan despite being out in the sun for 2+ hours.
  10. Letting my dog persuade me into sharing my dinner with him after he just ate his.
  11. There's definitely more, but I'm not sure if everyone would want to read about that since they' know 🔥