Lies I believed/shit you did

Sorry for the darkness
  1. Believed that you'd given platelets when you had the platelets bracelet and even told me about how much it hurt
  2. Never paid me back for the thousand dollar flight to Dubai
  3. Sent me an email on thanksgiving that was forwarded email you sent about some sick hook up wth a married couple you had two years earlier
  4. Believed that the sick hook up actually happened two years earlier, not during our relationship.
  5. When you had a tinder account that I discovered at dinner on Valentine's Day
  6. Believed that the tinder account was just because you were bored and that you'd never met up with anyone.
  7. When you got wasted and ran away from me at a cocktail because I wanted to go home at 12, told the bouncer at coffee shop that I was underage, did drugs with strangers in the bathroom, tried to sleep in a hotel, made me beg you to come home and lay on the floor until you fell asleep and I could get into bed.
  8. Believed that the condom wrapper I found under our bed was your roommates that you used to masturbate bc you didn't want to make a mess.
  9. When you told your mom we'd been out of town for the weekend without cell service just because you didn't return her call and she was mad.
  10. Breaking up with me while blackout on a night out and refusing to speak to me while your friends consoled me 10 feet away
  11. When you spent the $4000 that the bank accidentally put in your account in one weekend and then had to get your parents to help you out
  12. When you were in another room and I came in to find you blocking a chair and then made you move so I could see the lines of coke on your PASSPORT behind you. Then not coming after me when I left the party even though I waited on the stairs for 15 minutes. Telling me you were in an uber at 2 am. Not getting home that night until 4 am.
  13. Believed that the lines of coke on your PASSPORT weren't yours.
  14. When you lived paycheck to paycheck even though you were making 60K and got an allowance from your millionaire parents
  15. When you were blackout drunk and slurring your words when I got home at 5 pm on a Wednesday.
  16. Believed that the naked pictures and videos saved on your phone were ones your friends sent you of their hookups.
  17. When you moved all my shit into the living room and told me YOU were done after I went on a walk to clear my head after finding those naked pictures/videos.
  18. When you WhatsApp messaged your friend to brag about sexting your coworker
  19. When you went to see a movie by yourself and got blackout drunk alone on a Tuesday and called me without being able to form sentences.
  20. When you didn't get me a gift for my 21st birthday or shower or shave
  21. When you broke up with me an hour before your plane to come visit me was supposed to leave
  22. When you sent me a text on New Year's Eve that you "love you and I slept with someone else tonight and I am sorry." Then not texting me for the next 24 hours, but posting four Snapchat stories while in Mexico. On my Dad's wedding day, to a woman I hate.
  23. Believed that your second Snapchat account was one you don't use and had forgotten about
  24. Believed you got that black eye from slipping and hitting your eye on the bathroom door knob.
  25. Believed you got that black eye from slipping and hitting your eye on the bathroom door knob the second time.