1. Packing list for Thanksgiving trip to east coast
    Need an outfit that says I'm more successful and happy than you, despite the dishes and laundry that I neglected to do and the raise I didn't get. And won't wrinkle. May need a trip to the Loft.
  2. The dog is eating his dog bed during the day. What does this mean?
    Is there meaning to be found there?
  3. My husband told me I need to exercise more this morning.
    A fact I'm well aware of but was he calling me fat or just concerned with my well-being? Is there more meaning to be found there?
  4. I haven't taken the family photo for the holiday cards yet.
    In past years I'm usually done by now and all smug about it.
  5. Worse yet, there are no photos from our Paris trip that are good enough for The holiday card photo.
    What does this say about my photography skills? Is it too political to use one anyway?
  6. How out of control is my holiday spending already? Should I be concerned?
  7. On the flip side, where am I in the holiday gifts I have left to purchase?
    Did I remember the kid's bus driver?
  8. How much is my husband spending on me? Did I spend enough on him?
    After that exercise comment, can I deduct?
  9. My sisters are staying with me over Christmas and already acting annoying. How do I keep from killing them? Or each other.
    At the very least refrain from calling me Messy Jessie in front of my kids.