As this mysterious stranger approaches me this shit show happens
  1. Ok don't be weird 🤓🙃😶
  2. Unless it's like quirky cute type weird like @mindy 😜😚🙆🏾
  3. Open with something witty 👓but NOT pretentious...like...greetings charmed to meet you...👋
  4. "Greeting"are you a fuckin alien?👽📡👽🌍👽🖖
  5. Please don't start a convo that way 🙏🙀🤐
  6. Ok he's walking over🚶.. Back 🙆straight turn on the R.B.F 😒...it's go time
  7. Stranger: excuse me do you work here??
  8. Me: Greetings‼️(shit)....I'm cool😳😟😎...I promise...I like your ear holes👂wanna be friends?(Omg why am I yelling🗣)
  9. Stranger: 😮😕
  10. Me: (awkwardly dances off)👯